Wie is Cyrille Maratray

my name is Cyrille Maratray and I am an Amsterdam based photographer 

specialising in wedding photography.

My origin is about as far as you can get from where I am today. I was born in the Bourgogne in France and spent my early working years in global banking and stock markets which was exciting and challenging, but after a while I realised I had to escape and discover more about the world, about life and about people.

I started as a freelance photographer over 12 years ago and from the start I shot a number of weddings which was both challenging but also an enjoyable balance to my other work. After a couple of years I decided to go full time and focus solely on wedding reportage and now, over 100 weddings later, I still feel the same passion as when I began.

Every shoot is different, as is every wedding and every couple, and this is what really drives me, how to capture ‘your’ wedding, not just ‘a’ wedding. How to capture perfectly the couple, the friends and the location and the individualities that make your wedding, ‘your’ wedding.

I work hard at my passion to get the results I think fit and suit a wedding, so I hope you like the work in the following pages and I hopefully look forward to meting you one day soon!


Cyrille Maratray, de bruidsfotograaf uit Amsterdam
Cyrille Maratray, de bruidsfotograaf uit Amsterdam